Bespoke Jewellery Service

Personally designed, bespoke jewellery handcrafted by the best jewellers in Europe 

Stage 1: Designing your piece 

Moya will come to you for the initial design consultation. “Some of my customers have a strong vision of what they want, while others are looking for a little more guidance in designing their piece. I like sit down with the client and create the design together. Moya has a team of freelance designers that work for her and when the design is complete, she presents you with a life size hand-painted design of piece from different angles.

Oval ring (1)


Stage 2: Choosing your stones 

The next stage is choosing the stones. Moya has the best stone dealers in Europe working with her (this is a great honour as they usually only work with the most prestigious jewellery houses). It would be extremely difficult to rival the quality of her stones. She has professional qualifications that enable her to be an expert on both diamonds and gemstones. Moya will hand pick gemstones for your piece of jewellery. “I am passionate about gemstones and really spend time finding the perfect stones for each commission”.



Stage 3: Confirming your design 

Once the design has been finalised and the stones chosen, work can begin.All Moya’s jewellers are expert craftsmen who have Bond Street training and a level of skill that is unsurpassed. “My jewellery is made from start to finish by hand. Not just one jeweller creates your piece; I employ jewellers who specialise in making the mount, setting stones and polishing. In other words – I get the best in each field to work on your jewellery, therefore creating a work of the highest possible standards. My jewellery is really a ‘labour of love'; it is obvious to even the inexperienced eye the absolute beauty and craftsmanship of each piece”. The customer will be informed of timescales and updated regularly about their commission.



Stage 4: Presenting your jewellery 

Moya will meet the client to give them the finished piece of jewellery. Moya says “This is my favourite part. I really get to know my customers and it is magical to see their excitement when trying on their jewellery for the first time”.