What setting should I choose for my engagement ring? The bezel setting pros and cons.


A bezel setting encircles the gemstone with a continuous metal rim and extends slightly above it. It is one of the most secure settings available.

The advantages of a bezel setting are:

– It is the perfect setting for a woman with a very active lifestyle.

– The setting will not ‘catch’ on your clothing or cause problems for women who may have to wear latex gloves for work.

– The setting can conceal minor flaws in a stone, such as if the girdle of the stones is ‘thicker’ than desired or if there is a chip on the stone.

-A bezel setting can provide a beautiful frame to highlight the stone.

The disadvantages are:

– Having a closed setting can make it very difficult to clean your gemstone

– The colour of stone may not be shown to its best, as the metal surround does not allow as much light through the stone.

-When a yellow gold setting is used, some of the metal’s colour can reflect into the stone and alter the stones natural colour.



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