What precious metal should I choose?

platinum triple band with princess cuts

moya corcoran yellow gold and princess cut ring

One of the first questions that I ask my customers is what precious metal they are attracted to? It is particularly important  if you are choosing an engagement ring to remember that you will have to choose a compatible metal for your wedding ring or eternity ring. For example, you cannot have a gold wedding ring and a platinum engagement ring – as gold is softer that platinum and will wear your ring down.

So your choices are….

Platinum is the hardest known metal to man and does not tarnish or fade. It is expensive because it is so rare and expensive to mine. It is much heavier than gold.  If its a  piece you will wear every day, I always advise customers,  choose platinum rather than white gold (if your budget allows).

White gold is 75% yellow gold mixed in with white metal alloys.  It requires a certain level of maintenance  – you need to have it ‘dipped’ every so often in order for it to retain its colour.

Yellow gold - without question 18ct is best!  9ct gold, like copper, tarnishes, turns green or black and does the same to your skin and clothes.  14ct can still tarnish and be a little brittle.  22ct can often be a little soft.

Rose gold (also known as pink gold and red gold) – is usually 75% yellow gold mixed with copper, the stronger the colour the higher the copper content. This gold has a lovely colour but can be a little soft for daily sustained daily wear.

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What shape of ring suits my hand?




The first thing to do is to look at your hands objectively.

The general rule is that if you have:

Short fingers – an elongated diamond such as a marquise or oval can make short fingers look longer (but beware of choosing too big a stone, as it can have the opposite effect). Wide bands can tend to make fingers look shorter than they are, so try and choose a band that is in proportion with your fingers

Long fingers – can easily wear bold ring styles.

Large hands – keep away from delicate styles as they tend to over-emphasize the size of  your hands and make the ring look smaller.

Small hands – delicate designs can draw attention to the dainty nature of your hands


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